About John Demos

john demos portrait by louise kate anderson
John Demos with his work “Antitoxicus” at Big Fag Press in 2013

John Demos was an artist from Sydney, Australia.

A prolific worker, Demos chose surfaces such as paper, ceramics, wood and found materials, mapping these spaces with patterns, shapes and text.

His recurring motifs (such as shields and badges) and repetitive use of words create a strong rhythmic composition in his graphic works.

With each new work, John built his aesthetic vocabulary to explore the complex systems of humanity and the natural world, including the sciences, education, language, mathematics and the nature of invention.

John exhibited extensively over several decades, with exhibitions held at The Cross Art Projects, Macquarie University Art Gallery, SCA Gallery University of Sydney, and Big Fag Press.

John was a key member of the Big Fag Press collective in Sydney.

John Demos died in Sydney on April 9, 2016.